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Meet the Author

Line, the Herbalist who makes meals

to heal...

Line Hassall Thomsen is a trained herbalist, with a 3-year study of Phytotherapy focusing on the nutritious contents of plants.


Line also has a PhD in Anthropology and Journalism. Within this cookbook she links her journalism skills, academic research and joy of cooking to help you cook yourself healthy.

5 years ago, Line was told she had a number of autoimmune diseases and possibly cancer. For years she took various medicines to get well. But nothing seemed to work, until she insisted on taking health in her own hands. This is when she began studying plant medicine and put all her efforts into cooking herself well again. The cookbooks in the HEAL BY MEAL - series give all the recipes she used to get well.


The recipes you find in the HEAL BY MEAL series literally changed Lines health – and over the last few years they have changed the health of her friends, family and those around her too.

When I was sick and needed to change my diet I badly needed a book just like this. I needed inspiration and explanation in an easy-to grasp language. Over the last few years while I have worked as an herbalist and naturopathic doctor, I have met so many who have needed this kind of cookbook too… So, here you are!"Well, here is over 50 recipes and inspiration to get you started in the kitchen!"

            -Herbalist Line

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